The Team

The Aussie Huntress creator, Sarah

Sarah lives in North Eastern Victoria at the foothills of prime Sambar country. Sarah was born into a country farming environment where her family farmed quality beef cattle. Along with farming, Sarah’s strong interest has always been horses and rides competitively. Along with horse riding Sarah's spends most of her time camping, four wheel driving and hunting.
Sarah was introduced to shooting and hunting over 10 years ago. Over the years, Sarah's interest in deer hunting has grown. Her hunting experiences have taken her across Victoria and to New Zealand and to date has Red and Sambar trophy stags.
In 2017 Sarah harvested a 30 inch Sambar stag that scored 192 Douglas Points, this has been a trophy of a lifetime as it went on to win the 2017 National Trophy Sambar Award and the coveted Aurther Bentley Award.
Sarah acquired her Game Hunting license and has become a member of Sporting Shooters Association Australia and the Australian Deer Association where she is an active member of the Upper Goulburn Branch Victoria.
You can follow Sarah and her adventures on Instagram: @wyndy1 and on Facebook: @huntresswynd