The Team

The Aussie Huntress creator, Sarah

Sarah lives in North Eastern Victoria at the foothills of prime Sambar country. Sarah was born into a country farming environment where her family farmed quality beef cattle. Along with farming, Sarah’s strong interest has always been horses and rides competitively. Along with horse riding Sarah's spends most of her time camping, four wheel driving and hunting.
Sarah was introduced to shooting and hunting over 10 years ago. Over the years, Sarah's interest in deer hunting has grown. Her hunting experiences have taken her across Victoria and to New Zealand and to date has Red and Sambar trophy stags.
In 2017 Sarah harvested a 30 inch Sambar stag that scored 192 Douglas Points, this has been a trophy of a lifetime as it went on to win the 2017 National Trophy Sambar Award and the coveted Aurther Bentley Award.
Sarah acquired her Game Hunting license and has become a member of Sporting Shooters Association Australia and the Australian Deer Association where she is an active member of the Upper Goulburn Branch Victoria.
You can follow Sarah and her adventures on Instagram: @wyndy1 and on Facebook: @huntresswynd


Ambassador - Izzy Sesto

My names Isabella Sesto from Victoria. My passion for hunting started 8 years ago, when I moved up to Mansfield where hunting was everyone’s life style around me. I was very quick to be addicted and from that day every spare moment after work or every weekend I am either hunting or fishing. I love every aspect of hunting from Stalking, Pig Hunting with dogs, calling in foxes and Hound Hunting. After 5 years of stalking deer and pig hunting with other people’s dogs I finally got my own. My life has completely changed for the better as my partner and I have a crazy German Wire Hair Pointer (Deer & Duck dog) and my two pig dogs that has taken my passion for hunting to a totally different level. My main focus now is hunting with my dogs where I find myself up the high-country stalking deer or up north chasing pigs.


Ambassador - Stephanie Watt

Hey guys, my name is Stephanie Watt and I'm from Victoria. I never really had an interest in hunting and was more into fishing, camping, 4 wheel driving & getting outdoors involving myself in fun adventurous activities. I come from a family of 6 kids and growing up I would love tagging along with Dad on his fishing adventures and even get stuck in helping him with his concreting & bricklaying jobs.

My best friend and I growing up loved volunteering at a horse riding Ranch down here on the peninsula called Ace Hi. This got us out into the bush every weekend and made my love for the great outdoors even stronger.

My real love for hunting started 2 years ago as it’s something my partner grew up with back home in Austria. His grandfather had shown him how to hunt and he has now passed it down to me. I will be forever grateful for him showing me this amazing hobby and my life now would never be the same without it.

Hunting is like nothing else. I don’t think I’ve ever been so addicted to something in my whole entire life. There’s something so special about being a hunter, only another hunter would understand. We are absolutely obsessed with hunting and you can almost guarantee you’ll find us out every weekend. If not chasing the majestic Sambar it’s looking for new hunting spots where we can find pigs, Fallow deer or if we're lucky enough one day, we’ll come across some BIG REDS which are the native species to Austria.

My largest deer and my very first deer was a 25inch Sambar stag that we harvested after a long sit and wait only 6 months into my hunting journey. Little did I know that this moment in time would set the wheels in motion for my passion of hunting to really take off.

 At the start of next year we have decided to take our hunting to the next level and get ourselves a new family member (an English Pointer) to further advance our skills in all aspects of hunting. We're super excited to add a pooch to our hunting team!

We truly are living the dream chasing Sambar all over Victoria.

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