About Us

Don’t you hate it when you walk in to a hunting store to find only men’s clothing!?
Or, if you’re lucky there’s some women’s pants and a few bits and pieces but they’re the wrong size or not even what you’re wanting?
That’s where we come in. Imagine if there could be one place you could compare and purchase all of your hunting apparel! Well that’s us, our aim is to be Australia’s one stop female hunting shop where you can compare camo patterns, items and get the best outfit for you and your hunting style.
We are active Huntress’ that want what you want, to feel comfortable in hunting wear that fits and looks great too.
The Aussie Huntress doesn’t just represent a business it represents us all, and therefore, our number one aim is to provide a face to who we are.
All Aussie Huntress’ are welcome to try before you buy by coming to see us at our location. We also promise to get out and about as much as possible to trade days, expos and more.
Oh, and we ship Australia wide!
To stay up to date with us follow us on Facebook and Instragram by clicking the corresponding links at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, @aussiehuntress on Facebook and for Instagram @aussiehuntress.
This is the age of the Aussie Huntress, welcome to the beginnings of Australia’s one stop huntress shop!